Textbooks of the Meiji Period


This collection contains textbooks published in Japan during the Meiji Era. They are housed in the library's special collections, Mochizuki Bunko, Matsuura Bunko, Japanese Modern Educational History Materials, and Nishimura Bunko.
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  • To search by book title or other keywords, please use the search box below the table. Metadata is basically registered in Japanese.
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The subject table based on the old school system

1. Social Science, Civics 9. Science, Physics 17. Calligraphy
2. History, World History 10. Chemistry 18. Music
3. Japanese History 11. Earth Science 19. Japanese

4. Geography, World Geography

12. Biology 20. Classical Chinese
5. Japanese Geography 13. Health Education, Hygienics 21. the Roman alphabet 
6. Atlas 14. Home Economics 22. Foreign Language
7. Philosophy, Logic, Psychology, Theology, Education, Moral Philosophy 15. Vocational Subjects 23. Others
8. Mathematics 16. Art  


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地理初歩 反刻

learning object, 文部省編纂, 堺縣, 18--

日本讀本 1

learning object, 新保磐次著, 金港堂,

小學生徒心得 改刻

learning object, 東京府 [編], 山中市兵衛,

唱歌集, 初編

learning object, 文部省音樂取調掛編纂, 高等師範學校附属音樂學校, 大日本圖書 (発売), 1889.1

唱歌集, 第2編

learning object, 文部省音樂取調掛編纂, 高等師範學校附属音樂學校, 大日本圖書 (発売), 1885.5